Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans in Europe

    Urban Mobility Package - a step forward by the European Commission

    The European Commission has recently adopted a new “Urban Mobility Package” to enhance the support offered so far to cities and towns in the area of urban transport.

    A step-change in the approach to urban mobility is needed to ensure that Europe's urban areas develop along a more sustainable path and that EU goals for a competitive and resource-efficient European transport system are met.

    With the Urban Mobility Package, the Commission will support measures in the area of urban transport by:

    • Sharing experiences, show-casing best practices, and fostering cooperation
    • Providing targeted financial support
    • Focusing research and innovation on delivering solutions for urban mobility challenges
    • Involving the Member States and enhancing international cooperation

    Vice-President Siim Kallas, EU commissioner for mobility and transport, said: "Addressing the problems of urban mobility is one of the great challenges in transport today. With coordinated action we can be more successful. Local authorities are the key decision makers. They are best placed to take important local decisions, but they should benefit from support at national and EU level."

    For more information, visit the European Commission’s website.


    Policy context in the European Union

    Poly-SUMP represents the first project aimed at polycentric regions and offers a effective and efficient methodology for their development and implementation. 

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