The Poly-SUMP Methodology

    The Poly-SUMP Methodology is based on the conventional Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) process, adding specific elements to widen the scope to a poly-centric region.

    The Poly-Sump Methodology has three stages:

    • Prepare well by understanding your region
    • Create common ground and vision
    • Use the outcomes and elaborate a plan

    Stage 1: Prepare well by understanding your region

    The aim is to identify and understand the conditions in the poly-centric region. These are often more complex compared to a city region, since functions and responsibilities are scattered between different administrative boundaries in the region. The poly-centric profile developed in the second stage also allows identification of similar regions in Europe and/or understanding differences.

    Stage 2: Create common ground and vision

    The process of setting rational and transparent goals in these complex regions is facilitated by means of the Future Search Workshop.

    In the Poly-SUMP project, the Future Search methodology will be used to gather stakeholders around the topic of poly-centric sustainable mobility action plans first at European Level (European Future Search Workshop – EFSW) and then at local level (Local Future Search Workshop - LFSW).

    Future Search is a learning laboratory for “getting everybody involved in improving the whole system”. It is typically a three days meeting gathering 60 to 100 people who share a common purpose. Future Search enables organisations and communities to learn more together than any one person can discover alone. By bringing the “whole system in the room”, all participants are faced with the complexity and uncertainty of the situation, and can take more informed and clear decisions and actions.

    The benefits of the Future Search methodology are:

    • To create a shared vision and action plan for an organisation, network, or community;
    • To enable all stakeholders to act on common ground and take responsibility for their own plans;

    • To help people implement an existing vision that they have not acted on together.

    Stage 3: Use the outcomes and elaborate the plan

    Following the Future Search Workshop, the actions developed should be further refined and prioritised. By doing so, you are taking steps towards preparing and implementing actions in the context of a 'SUMP for a poly-centric region'.

    In order to finalise the SUMP for the region, the following activities should be undertaken:

    a. Validate the outcomes of the workshop
    b. Refine the actions
    c. Follow up with decision makers and stakeholders

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