Evaluation of the Poly-SUMP Methodology Test

    The Evaluation of the Poly-SUMP Methodology Test evaluates the Future Search process and the subsequent Capitalisation and Transferability Workshops, assesing thus the immediate outcomes of testing the Poly-SUMP Methodology in the six selected regions, its transferability to other regions and the expected strategic impacts of poly-centric planning measures identified in the six regions until 2020.

    The test of the Poly-SUMP Methodology proved that this unconventional way of bridging sustainable mobility actors to work together is helpful, as it:

    • can help developing a regional vision and actions towards more coordinated and effective planning of urban mobility;

    • can help as well to create a network between all parties involved, by fostering a dialogue during the events and enthusiasm to continue it after, and

    • can create a momentum towards the development of a SUMP for the whole region and/or adaptation of its vision and actions within the existing regional Transport Strategies/Plans through its bottom up approach.

    Please find the Evaluation of the Poly-SUMP Methodology Test here.

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