Welcome to Central Macedonia, Greece

    The Region of Central Macedonia is situated in Northern Greece, in the South – Eastern part of Europe. It has a population of 1.874.590 inhabitants (National Statistics Service, 2011 census) and covers a total land area of 18.811 km2. It includes seven Regional Units (former Prefectures): Chalkidiki, Imathia, Kilkis, Pella, Pieria, Serres and Thessaloniki which are further sub-divided into 38 municipalities.


    Mobility in the region

    The Region went through a period of rapid industrial and economic growth that shaped today’s urban network dominated by the Greater Thessaloniki Area and complemented by smaller urban centers. 

    While the former suffers from heavy traffic, all the urban centers also experience traffic congestions and parking problems. Lately, even though the high petrol prices have reduced excessive car use, still the lack of an integrated transport policy makes using public transport difficult. 

    Traffic jams which cause increased fuel consumption, air, noise and visual pollution, an increase in traffic accidents, mental tension and time loss which also affects human health and degrades life quality are some of the problems the region faces. 


    Expected results

    The Region of Central Macedonia, by participating in Poly-SUMP, aims to develop an integrated mobility planning approach based on the active participation of all relevant stakeholders. Our main objectives are:

    • Improvement of public transport connections and services and promotion of public transport use;
    • Integrated parking policy (parking control systems, reduction of on-street parking, park & ride stations etc);
    • Suburban railway connections;
    • Improvement of the intra-regional connections (suburban railway, bus services, parking areas etc);
    • Traffic volume and emissions decrease in settlement areas; 
    • Better accessibility of living areas as well as industrial and commercial zones;
    • Increasing bicycle use in the region through the creation of more cycling lanes;
    • Traffic safety improvement.

    The Region of Central Macedonia will learn from the experience of Poly-SUMP partner regions and thus will be able to transmit knowledge to interested polycentric Regions in Greece. 


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