The Poly-SUMP Methodology has developed various tools to support policy makers, transport practitioners and other stakeholders in poly-centric regions on how to initiate the development of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans.

    • Poly-SUMP Methodology Guidelines - the Poly-SUMP Methodology builds on the  planning cycle  for the development and implementation of a SUMP. It adds specific activities to the first three phases of the planning cycle in order to assist poly-centric regions in preparing a SUMP. Through the Poly-SUMP Methodology Guidelines you can learn how to use a proven methodology to initiate the development of an effective Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan for your poly-centric region.

    • Regional Profile Tool - by means of ten indicators that relate to regions' structure and transport patterns, this tool calculates regional profiles to learn how poly-centric these are.

    • Practical Guide on running a Future Search Workshop for poly-centric regions - in order to fulfill one of the steps of the Poly-SUMP Methodology, create common ground and vision, a technique based on coordination and facilitation is needed; the Future Search Workshop. This guide goes through all the steps needed to run a Future Search Workshop for poly-centric regions.

    • Online survey for Future Search Workshop participants who want to subsequently evaluate the outcomes and rank the actions identified in the Future Search Workshops held in September - November 2013. Other regions interested in the methodology can replicate this survey to also identify actions after running a Future Search Workshop.
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